How to Relax Your Body in the Office

It's normal for commuters to sit constantly in the office, making their shoulders and backs stiff. With simple, regular stretching exercises for your body, many problems can be alleviated or eliminated. Muscles and ligaments need regular exercise to remain efficient. So knowing how to stretch your body and doing physical exercises is a win-win strategy.

Here are simple movements for you, helping stretch the shoulders and neck and promoting blood circulation in the brain. It's suggested to do these with your eyes closed, as it will help you to concentrate.

Step1. Sit in the front half of a stable chair with your feet open shoulder-width apart and your hands open to your sides with your fingers on your shoulders.

Step2. Gently lift your elbows inwards and then upwards after inhaling, pushing your chest upwards.

Step3. Exhale with your elbows outwards and hold this posture for 10 seconds. Repeat these movements five times and above.

Besides, some helpful tools are also helping relax your body.

This inflated cushion improves the sitting posture of sedentary people. Sores and strains build faster in the hip, back, and spine muscles when sitting for long periods in one gesture. With a soft air cushion to sit or lean on, you will involuntarily adjust your sitting posture and the pressure is evenly distributed to more muscles to relieve back and neck strains.

The wooden squat wedge helps stretch properly and reduces the chance of injury. Daily stretching can also reduce knee pain and help recover from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains, other foot, ankle injures.

Stretching exercises should always be done regularly, unless you are in severe pain and have illnesses such as a herniated disc. Regular practice means several times a week. Ideally, you stretch your body every day, just a few minutes are enough.

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