7 Lighting Ideas That Wow You

Whether you click in this out of curiosity or are looking for something special for your lighting plan, we hope this list will get you inspiration or perhaps some fun.
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1.HROOME Modern Decorative Floor Lamp

How funny it would be to have this in your home life! With adjustable arms and body, this luminous guy can be shaped to whatever post you like - walking, thinking, dancing, etc. Just go with your creative mind.

2.HENG Balance Lamp - By Zanwen Li

How do you turn on a lamp? Pressing, flipping, or sliding the switch? These are so boring for designer Zanwen Li. How about lifting? In 2016 Li decided to devise a lamp that reverses the traditional mode of switching on. There comes this HENG Balance Lamp. It lights on by being lifted up the lower ball to attract the up one with magnet. The Reddot Award winner soon became a great addition to any modern settings and a perfect choice on gift lists.

3.THEA Hoodie Lamp - By Joe Fentress

This luminous ball snuggling in a hood dedicates to breaking the stereotype that lamps are a cool, lifeless object - it can be a friend in a cozy hoodie like you and me. Simply push the globe down to trigger the light. Help it dim by tightening the band, or open the hood to embrace its shine. You will feel an emotional bond when interacting with it.

4.LENIVER LED Table Lamp

This is an art creation combining decorative and illuminating features to greatly modernize your interior design. Customizable colors and brightness make possible any moods from warm to cold, shiny to somber.

5.Homeimpro Solar Pathway Lights

Add a touch of mystery to your outside spaces with these pathway lights! Solar-powered and no wiring required, the crescent moon housing a luminous ball cast stunning patterns through holes in the shade, creating an exotic ambiance to all the dull nights outside.

6.Brightech Allure - 32” Bright LED Spiral Lamp

Spiral is always an aesthetically-pleasing factor in the decoration category. The Brightech Allure has a built-in dimming switch / foot pedal that lets you set the light as you like. It works best in living rooms where you need a dim environment to enjoy a movie, and in bedrooms to create ambiance.

7.The Time Machine Table Lamp - By Peng Ren

“Be careful! Time is passing.” - this is what Designer Ren wants to send through this hourglass lamp. Once turned on, the Lamp grows dimmer during the 30-min timeframe, working like a real sand clock. Flipping over the funnel kicks off another round of countdown.

The Time Machine reminds people that time is valuable; it’s passing and never comes back. The timer-light mixed design goes a long way in helping you focus on tasks and get out of procrastination.

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