10 Essential Dorm Items You Need to Send with Your College Kid

Time is unforgiving, and sending your child to college maybe one of the cruelest reality checks you will experience as a parent.

This is a list of the most essential things your freshman will need to pack before heading to college.

1.Alarm Clock
Since you won’t be there to ensure your freshman doesn't sleep through class, be sure to pack an alarm—or several. If your freshman is a night owl with early morning classes, or if they struggle to wake up in general, you may want to invest in an alarm that forces them out of bed before it will turn off, like this, The USB ports for charing is a plus benefit! 

2.Folding Storage Bins
Extra storage space is key when you don’t have tons of square feet to work with. Collapsible bins are great for stashing under your bed, in the top of your closet.or really anywhere they can fit. They are machine-washable, easy to maintain.

3.Clothes Hangers and Racks
While we know most of your freshman’s clothes will probably spend most of the time on the floor instead of in their laundry basket, be sure to pack clothes hangers and racks just in case. Living on your own does tend to make you more responsible.
If your freshman does not already have a personal computer, now is the time to invest in one. While colleges have computer labs all over campus, they are not open 24/7, and your freshman will always need to have access to a computer for schoolwork—and for the social aspects of school, too.
5.Desk Lamp
A desk lamp will be essential for all those times your freshman will be up late, or all night, working on a term paper. At least a desk light is an upgrade from burning the midnight oil.


6.Laundry Baskets
This should really be called the catch-all basket for how it will be utilized by your freshman. Considering its flexible utility, be sure to invest in a couple of laundry baskets—preferably the mesh collapsible kind.


7.Bath Towels and Bath Sheets
While you can donate some of the family bath towels from the linen closet to your freshman, you should consider getting them a new set or a least a bath sheet of their own. Bath sheets are slightly bigger than the standard towel dimensions of 27” x 52”, measuring a larger 35” x 60”. With a bath sheet you can decrease the chances of your freshman accidentally flashing anyone after a shower.
The bathroom floor could be slippery. Always prepare a pair of slipper for the shower. Holes designed on the sole make your feet more ventilated after shower, no more wet feet for a long time. And it can keep your feet healthy with antibacterial function.
9.Shower Tote
You know if your freshman tries to carry shampoo, conditioner, a washcloth, soap, razors, and more down the hallway, something—or everything—is going to drop. Save your freshman some humiliation and invest in a shower tote.
Your freshman needs to have their social security card, their drivers license/ID card, and all their banking information on hand and packed before they leave for college. Otherwise they won’t be able to register or pay for anything—which is the whole point of sending them to college, right?
This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything you will need to pack for your freshman, but these are the essentials that will ensure that your freshman is at least properly outfitted for their first semester. As for the rest? You will have to leave that to time and experience.


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