With Autumn upon us, the leaves start changing and falling, and the nights are becoming longer and chillier. Although some of us will miss the wonderful memories with long summer days, we should start thinking about what kind of fun outdoor activities are suitable and enjoyable to celebrate the coming season of fall.

Autumn means harvest, and pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of the season. It‘s time again to go pumpkins picking. Take a short trip to one of the nearby or available pumpkin patches with your cute little girls and boys to pick pumpkins for bakery—typically, pumpkin pies, and carving, or for the upcoming Halloween Parties.

And of course, you can purchase them from the farmers’ market if you don’t want to make your hands full of dirt, but you can enjoy yourself in the free activities that the patch offers, moreover, if you are lucky enough, there will be an apple patch in some of the farms as it is also the season of apple.

If the region you live in has four distinct seasons, you should go mountain biking or hiking with your friends in Autumn. There’s something about the chilly but cozy air and bright orange, red, and yellow leaves all around you that makes biking in the fall so fantastic.

For riding, a bike mirror would be a MUST-HAVE for noticing other vehicles and passengers behind you on the mountain road.

Or you can also hang a portable swing on the tree if you want to have more fun with the air while hiking.

There is another fun activity that can get you into the heart of Autumn - camping! 

Camping offers a chance to enjoy great outdoors, and cooler, drier weather means fewer bugs and fewer people, and you don’t need to worry about heavy rain or the frustrated mosquito, although there might be some dew after the sun goes down, fall is one of the best times to go camping.

Just remember to carry your cold-weather hammock gear and a dry bag to keep your belongings dry and safe. And you’ll be toasty and comfy in the chilly autumn air!

If you think that the above activities are not enough to express your enthusiasm towards fall, I hope the events of attending a barn dance or hosting a bonfire are well enough to set your emotions free!

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