How to Slow Down Skin Aging

Looking young and youthful is what everyone dreams of. When it comes to aging, our face can be the first part of the body to show early signs.  Here we list out the 4 best ways to slow down skin aging.

Step 1, Guard your skin against the sun

It is a prevalent fact that persistent sun exposure can damage our skin and result in wrinkles and premature aging. To shield our skin from harmful UV rays, it is vital to apply sunscreen with an SPF between 30 and 50 daily. Even on the cloudiest of days, UV rays can penetrate through the clouds.

Step 2, Build a daily skincare routine

For skincare, you should choose skincare products that are gentle and non-irritating. A good morning skincare routine should refresh your skin and protect it from outside elements you might face throughout your day, including wind, UV rays, and air pollution. And Nighttime is your skin’s natural time to repair itself, so think of your nighttime skincare routine as a time to prepare your skin for the coming day.

Step 3, Eat Your Vitamins

If you have noticed, all kinds of anti-aging products have Vitamin E or C in them. The presence of these vitamins and minerals can guard your skin against sun damage. It will even reverse the skin’s natural aging process, such as skin discoloration and wrinkles.

Step 4, Maintain a good life schedule

Good living habits and daily routines play an important role in preventing skin aging. Staying up late and having junk food cause endocrine disorders in the body, which will make the skin lifeless and develop acne. A good night's sleep can contribute a lot to your skin health. Sleeping can boost collagen naturally, making your skin glowing and healthy.

In addition to the above four methods, you also need to exercise properly. Exercise and sweating can speed up the elimination of toxins from the body, and also help to maintain a good figure.

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