Video Guide: How to Tape PACEARTH Gymnastic Rings

After getting a new pair of gymnastic rings, wooden or plastic, you will find that it is quite difficult to hold the rings with bare hands during training as the sweat will make both your palms and rings become slip, thus, you will have to suspend your fitness training course to get your palms and the equipment dry again, which is, frustrated and inefficient.

PACEARTH Gymnastic Rings, however, will come with two extra silicone hand tapes, and your sweat will be absorbed by the tapes while building muscles.

To wrap the tapes around the rings correctly, your will need to follow the steps highlight in the video below if you are not sure that your way of wrapping the tapes will last you long.

Video Guide:

Step 1: Remove the clear film from the tape.
(Important: the tape will be less sticky with the clear film on.)

Step 2: Remove the white sticker from the beginning of the tape.

Step 3: Wrap the blue tape carefully around the gymnastic ring repeatably.

  • The second wrap should cover the first wrap completely to fix the tape.
  • Distance between each wrap should be the same or narrower than half of the tape’s width in case of slip and bubbles between each wrap.

Step 4: Use the black sticker to fix the end of the tape around the ring tightly and securely.

Done! You can start your workouts with the gymnastic rings now!


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