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Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way...The most important time of the year is about to come, so is the busiest shopping season. Everyone is adding Christmas features to themselves. Turkey, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, ginger man, red socket, snowman....which one is your favorite?

When it comes to Christmas tree and snow man, some will prefer to place them outdoor in the doorway or yard to welcome guests. But at night, they need to be bright enough to see otherwise there is no point to keep them out for nothing. So to fulfill their mission, an outdoor power source is what you need. However, not every house is built with outdoor power source, even there is, no one wants to pay for electricity used by someone you may not even know. On the other, keeping the light on all the time is absolutely a waste of money unless it is serving some other purpose, or you must be extremely rich to ignore the bill. So how can we keep our Christmas outdoor light, particularly those strip lights wound on the Christmas tree or house, bright during the period we want and off when it is not needed? Thanks to SUPERDANNY outdoor power strip with timer, mission completed!

This vertical outdoor power strip has 6 AC outlets with covers. The covers can protect the outlets from splash and rain, so no risk of electric shock. There is also a master switch beneath one side of the outlets to manage all the connected devices altogether. But what makes it a perfect outdoor decoration assistant is the timer it integrates. The timer is built with 3 working modes. In the first mode, it can be on or off constantly, convenient for all the lights that have light sensors themselves and need to be charged all the time. In the second mode, which is the perfect mode for Christmas outdoor light setting, the power bar can be set to be on at dusk and off at dawn with the help of the light sensor it is built with. This feature is friendly to those strip light that is not light sensing and can save electricity out from unnecessary use during midnight. Wants more? Then try the third mode, which can set the power strip off 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours after dusk, more precise and efficient! The timer also comes with a cover on it so no need to worry about it being messed unintentionally. In addition, it comes with a standing spike and an extender so that it can be placed on the ground and easily set up in the yard.

With the help of this outdoor power strip, things could be easier for decoration light set up for Christmas and even after Christmas, it can still serve for doorway light or outdoor party. A Must-get outdoor essential!  

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