Christmas Hairstyles for Little Girls

The busy Christmas is on its way to town! Are the outfits you prepare for getting kids dressed up colorful and bright enough to catch Santa Claus’s eyes? Well, I guess you are overwhelmed by the cleaning, shopping and preparing for the parties. 

These are some adorable hairstyles that are great for Christmas, school and other holiday or family parties for your little angel, you are going to love these.


Let’s tutorial for three of these super simple but attractive holiday hairstyles.


Example One:

Fasten thin hair ties at even distances and slightly pull out the hair to add volume.

Take red and white ribbons to tie them as a bow-knot at the beginning, and wrap them around the hair tie by going down, and make a knot at the bottom.

You can add some accessories like candy hair clips on the tails to make your little girl sweeter.


Example Two:

Part the hair in half and make high ponytails, tie the red and white ribbons at the base of the ponytails, and warp them around the hair.

Put the hair into a bun and use hairpins to fasten it, you can also use hair clips or DIY reindeer antlers to decorate the two buns.


Example Three:

Here comes the fantastic one, the princess hairstyle.

Make one high ponytail and remember not too tight.

Divide the ponytail into three equal parts, and use thin rubber hair ties to fasten the part at equal distances, each distance should reverse and pull out as the picture indicated.

Wrap three parts of the ponytail one by one as a big bun, and use hairpin to tighten them.

You can add a headband decorated with little Christmas accessories on just a beautiful crown to make this hairstyle more outstanding.

This is the crucial part if you are going to dress up your little one like Elsa and Snow White!


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