What 's on your Christmas gift list?

In recent years, as electronic devices are increasing in numbers and kinds, even your old-school parents are now getting used to smart phones, iPads, voice command speakers, and even game consoles. A multi-functional power strip that can be set in the house where all family members can use will be a very practical Christmas gift for your parents.


This lovely little red and white square power strip has 4 AC outlets in a non-conflicting layout, carrying max 10A power in total. On the side it has 4 USB ports, providing 0-2.1A each, max 4.8A in total to your electronic devices. Compact but powerful, it is integrated with a 900J surge protector inside and has features of overload protection, overheat protection, short-circuit protection, etc.


Besides sending gifts to each other, decoration is also an important part of Christmas. Here are some fancy lights recommend for lighting up Christmas eve.


These vintage style 4-pack solar lanterns absorb solar energy at daytime for 4-5 hours and automatically light up the 30 pcs LED beads at night for 6-9 hours. They are waterproof and snow proof with an IP44 casing. With the alligator clips, they can be attached onto the rope provided or the Christmas tree.



These 52 ft string lights with 24 pcs 1W LED bulbs give comfortable and beautiful warm white light, which are suitable for decorating your arbor, patio, backyard, dining room, etc. They are waterproof and UL listed, so hang them out and rest assured that they will last and be safe. If you have a dimmer switch, they will be even better to light up your Christmas with a color of your choice.


These waterproof 2-pack cone shaped solar LED lights are perfect for decorating Christmas eve with 3 working modes: slow blinking, fast blinking, and constant light. They can either be hung by the Christmas tree with the alligator clips or stood on the bedside table to accompany you overnight.


Christmas of 2019 has almost a month to come, but let’s say the blessings in advance:

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


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