9 Thanksgiving Games for The Whole Family

Turkey, Family, and Football. Thanksgiving is finally here. One of the joys of Thanksgiving is having a house full of families — but one of the challenges is figuring out what to do with them. These Thanksgiving games for kids and families are a great way to add a little more fun to that sometimes stuffy Thanksgiving dinner. Each and every one of the games we’ve rounded up here is fun to set up and easy to clean, sure to entertain the whole family. Get ready to make family memories that'll last a lifetime.

1. Pin the Feathers on the Turkey

❶Tape the printout of the turkey to the wall. If you are worried you might damage the finish on the wall, use Command strips or sticky tack to secure to the wall.
❷Place sticky tack or double-sided tape to the back of feathers.
❸Have the children line up, one behind the other, facing the turkey.
❹Blindfold the child at the front of the line.
❺Write her name on the feather with a pen.
❻Gently take the child by the shoulders and turn her slowly three times.
❼Place the tail feather in her hand and explain that she needs to pin the feathers to the turkey.
❽The children who get the feathers the closest to where they need to go win the game.

2. Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters

Using free, printable conversation starter cards, you can take turns sharing your Thanksgiving memories and gratefulness. It's fun to get to know everyone a little better even if you think you already know them well. There are some free conversation starters here beautifully decorated that include questions like "My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is?" and "If you could have one superpower, what would it be?".
You can place the stack of cards on the Thanksgiving table or put them in a pretty vase or jar.

3. Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Just as kids of all ages love hunting for Easter eggs, they will go crazy for seeking hidden mini pumpkins (decorated or plain). Depending on the weather, play the game inside or outdoors. Leaf piles are a great hiding spot! A bag of miniature pumpkins, preferably in a variety of shapes and colors. Somewhere to hide them, a bag for each child to collect his/her pumpkins.

4. Don't topple the teepee

Take a bundle of sticks and place them inside of a loop. Use as many as needed to make the teepee stand up. Take turns pulling out 1 stick at a time. The first 1 to crash the teepee loses! You can also time the game to increase the speed and the challenge.

5. Turkey Bowling

Turkey bowling combines all of our favorite things. My love of bowling, their love of knocking things over and everyone’s love of turkey.  Make these easy turkey pins first (the kids will love helping out), then use mini pumpkins to knock over as many as you can.

6. Photograph Your Family in Order From Oldest to Youngest

Help you preserve your memories and spend quality time with your family. You can turn this into a family photo project that everyone can be involved in! All you have to do is take photos of every member of your family. Once the photos are ready, you can print them or store them in an online gallery.
They can be ordered from oldest to youngest, or vice versa. The point is to take lovely photos of everyone you love.

 7. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Drinking Game

If watching the televised parade is a part of your family’s annual tradition, mix it up by making it into a drinking game (and not necessarily alcoholic!). A few years ago Chicago Now published their ideas for prompts like “Drink every time a musical performer messes up the lip syncing”.

Here are some suggestions:
A. Add A Dash Of Hot Sauce To Your Bloody Mary Every Time A Marching Band Member Drops A Baton
B. Pour A New Drink Every Time A Balloon Gets Free
C. Finish Your Drink When You See Santa Claus

8. Face the Pie

In this messy game, participants race to find the candy letters in their whipped-cream-covered dishes and then use them to spell out "pie"—all without their hands.

9. Thanksgiving Trivia Games

Do you know what baby turkeys are called, or how long the first Thanksgiving lasted? Your guests probably don't, either. So some Thanksgiving trivia can be a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids and adults. You might even want to offer prizes, or a reprieve from clean-up duty, for the person who gets the most answers right. Just make sure everyone puts their phones away, so there's no cheating!

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