Get Your Nails Done. Get Ready For Summer!

What would you do for summer? An ice cream? A slip dress? Or a sunbath?

Girls gather creativity onto their nails. These little fingertips could be more artistic than you expect.

Let’s get started to explore the tiny colorful world!


Seaside Series

Can’t imagine summer without the beach, the waves, and the blue sky.

It’s time to enjoy the sunbath and go surfing.

How can seaside do not have coconut tree?
Refresh yourself with these adorable patterns on light-colored base.

Fruits Series:

If you still have no idea what fruit should be on your nails.

Come on, have it all!

It seems that the air is filled with sweetness and sourness.

Vivid as the fruits are, promise that you don’t bite your finger.

Click the link for your own try.


Mix Color:


Colors that suit summer should be bright and dazzling.

Try this at summer party.

Spotlights must be on you.

You are forever young in these candy colors.

Click the link for your own try.


Concise Series:

Without doubt, avocado green is a new trend in this summer.

Soothing green dissolves the heat of summer and brings a breeze of wind.

A matt finish creates high-end and retro touch.

Gradient colors relax people.

Perfect combination of indigo blue and ivory white cools down the temperature, of course, visually.

Less is more. If you are after minimalism and don’t want to polish the whole nails, highlight the tips. The little move is enough to make you attractive.

Sparkling Series:

 All that glitters is not gold, and it could be your fingers.

Champagne gold and rose gold make you  glamorous and never out of fashion.

Click the link for your own try.

Can anyone resist the temptation of diamonds?

If you are bored with manicure only with nail polish, just add some trinkets on them.

Confetti is the symbol of festival and joy.

It doesn’t mean that we only think of it in festival.

Miss your carefree childhood with this colorful decorations.

Rainbow Series

You don’t have to wait for the rainbow after the rain.

Now you can seize the rainbow in your hands as long as you like.

Click the link for your own try.

Tie dye style always has its place in creative works. How about on nails?

Absolutely perfect! No  matter what you draw, that is your unique creation.

Best choice for DTY nail art.

Floral Series:

Bright yellow and little daisies allow you to return to idyllic life.

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in leisure summer time.


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