15 Must Haves” for Surviving College-Back to School

Congratulations! You are heading to a brand new stage of life - as a college student. “Youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever”. College is well worth going to and these memories might last for your whole life. So it really needs time to think about how to spend the college life.

But now what lies ahead is that what you should bring to the campus. You may have referred to a lot of checklists for packing. But the following recommended items are a must, which will help you live a cozier life or add extra lovely decors in the dorm. (All attached links go to amazon, or you can buy locally.)


1.Sleep Mask

You can’t always keep the same pace with your roommates on rest time and study. What if your roommates are still busy at deadline paper and you need a full rest after the just finished basketball match? A sleep mask will be a great help. It is also a loyal friend for those who are in shallow sleep and have high requirements for light during sleep.


2.Hair Dryer

How messy will be if your hair is still dripping when you need to go out. A towel is not enough to dry your hair quickly. Then you need a hair dryer. It includes high, medium and cool airflow settings for different styles, drying times and hair types. By the way, its compact design with folding handle makes packing convenient and space-saving.


3.Power Strip

Normally, the equipped outlets in the dorm are not enough for all your electronic devices. What’s worse, they may in inaccessible locations. Then it’s show time for a multi-outlet power strip. With 6 outlets and 3 USB ports, this power strip meets the charging need for iPhone, iPad, laptop, computer and other appliances simultaneously. You can place it on the desk, mount it on the wall and plug in narrow spaces without block thanks to its flat plug. Get one to rule all your devices!


4.Retractable Cord Travel Power Strip

You will be given multiple opportunities to attend outdoor activities to relax and build relationship in the university. It would be inconvenient that your devices are out of power during the tour. Take this adorable power strip with you in the cruise, camping or travelling. The cord is designed to be retractable and easy-to-organize. An adult can totally palm this gadget for its compact size.


5.Air Purifier

It is inevitably that sometimes the room is full of unpleasant scent because of the food, the bathroom or other possible reasons. Because the dorm is not simply your bedroom. It also serves as the dining room, the bathroom and so on. Air Purifier is needed to eliminate odors away and let freshness in with natural propellant and odor-free technology.


6.Desk Lamp

One of the rules to get on well with roommates is that do not bother them at rest time. You can imagine how annoying the feeling is when you are worn out while your roommates stay up late with the glaring light on. This desk lamp combines 5 lighting modes, 7 brightness levels, touch control, flexible gooseneck and memory function in one. Have it and enjoy your private time at night.



Compared with the items mentioned above all having specific purpose, a tapestry seems to be “useless”. However, dorm room acts like your home in the college. You spend a great deal of time in this room. Don’t you want it to be homey so that you have comfortable time in it? Choose a tapestry you like to add a special decor to your area.



More and more people prefer taking notes with electronic devices, but notebook still has its own charm. Do not give any chance yourself to be absent-minded on your phone and it is a less distracting way to take notes on notebook in the class.



College life is not all beer and skittles. You are never supposed to have fun all day. You must cherish the opportunity to learn and absorb the knowledge in such a motivated learning atmosphere. A kindle shows its strength since you already have so many textbooks to carry. The shining points of the product include but not limited to waterproof, audible and the built-in adjustable light.


10.First Aid Kit

I know there is an infirmary in the college. But it is suggested that you keep a first aid kit in case of the unexpected. It would be a great role when you accidentally hurt your fingers or need instant bandaging but the infirmary is far away from you. The bag is water-resistant and durable coming with a guideline to help you make right decisions when in uncertainty. A tool may save yourself or others.



Skateboarding is a kind of popular campus culture. You must be attractive in the street if you are a skater boy or a skater girl. Besides, imaging that you get up late in the morning and you have only ten minutes to go to the biology class, and won’t skateboarding be a better way than walking?



Never worry about your clothes falling on the ground again with these velvet hangers. (Yes, you can even throw your tricky off-the-shoulder tops on them.)

13.Wireless Headphones

You will never know how fantastic the design is unless you get one. It is a master of noise canceling. When you need light music at night, want to be immersed in your study in chaos surroundings, or listen to inspiring music on the way to thoroughly wake yourself up from the dizzy and sleepy morning, you will find its charm. Alexa built-in and touch control make it convenient to use.


14.Shower Slipers

The bathroom floor could be slippery. Always prepare a pair of slipper for the shower. Holes designed on the sole make your feet more ventilated after shower, no more wet feet for a long time. And it can keep your feet healthy with antibacterial function.


15.Folding Storage Bins

Extra storage space is key when you don’t have tons of square feet to work with. Collapsible bins are great for stashing under your bed, in the top of your closet...or really anywhere they can fit.

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