Cut Your Own Hair at Home Like A Pro

Tired of shelling out tons of cash for a haircut, only to  disappointing with the result? Then, you might want to consider cutting your own hair. Yes, it’s risky. And hair cutting is definitely best done by professionals, but that doesn't mean you can't try it out on your own. With the right tools and a lot of patience, you should be able to give yourself a decent cut.


Prepare for the cut

1.Buy a pair of high-quality hair scissors.

You cannot cut your hair with kitchen scissors (!!!). There’s a reason hairstylists use professional shears—the sharp, precise blades make it so much easier to get a clean edge. If you use a pair of regular scissors, there’s higher chance you’ll end up with split ends, so do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of shears before you get started. ULG 6.5 inch hair cutting scissors can be an option for you, which is made of 100% 440C Japanese stainless steel hair cutting scissor with extremely sharp blades for clean cut, evenly trim hair with ease, will not damage or split hair ends.

2.Choosing the right haircut

Browse celebrity pictures online; flip through hairstyle magazines; play with your hair in the mirror to see what it looks like at different lengths; print out photos of yourself and sketch different hairstyles on to your face. If you're planning on making a significant change to your hairstyle, you might need to consult a professional to make sure that it goes exactly right.

3.Is it better to cut hair wet or dry?

If you have thin or fine hair that’s on the straighter end of the spectrum, a wet haircut is likely ideal—just keep in mind that when your hair dries, the cut will end up a little shorter than when wet. On the other hand, if you have coarse, textured hair that’s on the curly end of the spectrum, dry haircut is better.

How to cut your own bangs:

Step 1: Find Your Bangs

Hold a comb flat on top of your head. Turn sideways towards the mirror so you can see where your head starts to round in the front. That is your starting point for your bang section.

Step 2: Make Your Bangs Triangle

Using a wide-tooth comb, separate your bangs from the rest of your hair by making a triangle shape.

Step 3: Find The Length

Take the triangle and pull it straight out from your head in front of you. Your fingers should be generally where you want the final trimmed length to be.

Step 4: Flip

Delicately flip the very ends of your bangs upwards.

Step 5: Cut!

Then you go in at an angle with the scissors; it’s called point cutting. You point with the scissors like a clock’s hand pointing to seven and then lightly trim across.

Step 6: Style It

Put your dryer on high heat and high power, hold it above your bangs, and brush your bangs back and forth in an X shape. What happens is your forehead acts like a gigantic roller and it makes everything fall in a pretty way.

How to Trim Split Ends

Step 1: Part the hair down center.

Step 2: Divide into equal sections and bring hair in front of your shoulders.

Step 3: Divide the first section in half again.

Step 4: Working one section at a time, begin to twist hair.

Step 5: Twist all the way to the ends.

Step 6: Using your thumb and index finger, gently glide hand across the twist from ends to midshaft.

Step 7: This will cause frayed ends to pop away.

Step 8: Snip away at frayed ends, repeat for each remaining section.

How to cut your own hair short:

  1. Pull your hair into a ponytail on top of your head.
  2. Use the end of a comb and measure where you want the end to be from your hairline.
  3. Holding your ponytail firmly, grab the shears and cut in a blunt, straight line at the length you measured with your comb.
  4. Point the ends of your scissors into the ponytail and snip into the newly blunt ends. This will soften the blunt appearance you made when you initially chopped it into a straight line.
  5. Remove the hair tie and give your hair a good shake, so your new cut falls into place.

How to cut your child's hair:

  1. For starters, have your kid stand while you sit so that you are at eye level with their hair.
  2. Section the hair into three parts with the center falling down the back.
  3. With his or her back to you, have him or her look down to the belly button and cut the center section straight across.
  4. Have him or her face you and look to one side to cut a side section. Then do the same on the opposite side to make it even, and you're set!


To all of our at-home haircutters: Go forth, and conquer. But also, schedule that salon appointment. You know, just in case.


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Brenda Conley

Brenda Conley

This is s great guide but need more visual on which way to cut hair when in a ponytail

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