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You may not make up every day. You may not apply a facial mask every day. You may not exfoliate every day. But you must clean your face every day. Washing the face is the basic but vital step to keep your skin healthy.


The skin is the largest organ on your body, whether you notice it or not, your skin is constantly renewing itself better or worst approximately every 27 days. That’s the point to skincare. You could obtain glossy skin by thorough cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen everyday(side-note: remember that sunscreen should be on your must-to-do list everyday no matter on sunny days or rainy days for ultraviolet ray is always there.) This post focus on the initial step: facial cleansing.

Are you still washing your face with your hands?(Kinda weird question. Well, I mean with your bare hands directly touching your face.) Facial cleansing with your hands is a common way. But have you ever noticed a new pop tool---facial cleansing brush?

Why should I give it a shot?

Because it is mightier than your hands. Most tools are there for get better result than that of manual labor. Compared with cleansing with your bare hands or a washcloth, a facial cleansing brush can do a more thorough job. Most cleansing brushes on the market are with plenty of bristles and high-frequency vibration which can get your skin deeply cleansed. The hands could never reach such a high frequency. Consider a face cleaned by your hands with invisible dirt residue and a glossy complexion due to a facial cleansing brush, which one do you prefer?

Which one should I choose?

There are two major categories when choosing a facial cleansing brush---nylon bristle and silicone bristle. Here comes the battle between them.

1.On gentleness

You can tell from their texture that nylon bristle is harder due to their firm bristles, which may tend to slightly irritate your skin in the first use. In this case, silicone facial brush feels softer and is the winner.

2.On cleansing thoroughness

The cons of nylon bristles tuns into pros in this round. It’s easier for their sturdy bristles to clear the dead skin cells and germs. But it doesn’t mean that the silicone brush is helpless in this respect. There has to be a winner in a competition. Then it goes to nylon bristles this time.

3.On hygiene

Silicone is resistant to bacteria buildup and non-abrasive, making it almost perfect for all skin types and up to a whopping 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon brushes. In this part, silicone brush gains a complete victory.

4.On maintenance

If you use nylon bristle brush, you need to replace the brush head regularly every couple of months because of bacteria buildup. But you never need to do that for a silicone cleansing brush. Quite a low-maintenance product.

How to use it properly?


First you need to remove the make-up. It is not suggested that you directly use the cleansing brush to remove the make-up because the cleansing brush can only clear the stubborn make-up residue but not complete make-up.

After removing the make-up, get plenty of water to wet your face and the cleansing brush. Apply facial cleansing foam on your face. Choose a suitable mode of the cleansing brush and move on your face circularly. Low speed is recommended when in first use to see how your skin reacts and then you can adjust the intensity.

Switch the mode to clean different part of your face. Remember that no matter the brush, avoid the delicate eye areas. When the cleansing is done, rinse the bubble on your face and the cleansing device. Let it dry before the next use.

Any recommendations?

What desired features come to your mind when you think of a cleansing brush? How about these ones.

  • With a stand: the whole facial brush is waterproof and the charging base also serves as a stand to allow the facial brush to stand upright and dryhygienically in between uses.
  • 3 types of bristle: dual-sided brush head offers finer and thinner touchpoints, T-zone touchpoints and body massage touchpoints.
  • 5 intensities: 2 high speed modes and 2 low speed modes respectively together with 1 medium speed mode.
  • Comes with a pouch: it is a big travel bonus when the item comes with a drawstring bag.
  • Havingguided timers: set to automatically turn off after 3 minutes operation, do not worry about overuse.
  • Affordableprice: it only costs less then 30 dollars.
  • Helpful after-sales service team: they deem that service starts after the product is bought and always stand behind their products. If you have any issue about the product, reach out to this responsible company directly to get it solved.

    This ULG silicone facial cleansing brush contains all of the above! With time and effort, you’ll notice a positive difference in your skin’s texture. Click the link for more detailed information:https://bit.ly/38rgoB8

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