Unlock Cash Rewards with Your Content!

Join us in celebrating your SUPERDANNY experience and turning it into something truly rewarding. By participating, simply create a TikTok video featuring our products! 

Don't miss out on this chance to showcase your creativity and potentially earn amazing cash rewards.




Create a video featuring products you purchased from SUPERDANNY store and post it on your TikTok with the hashtag #superdannysupercharging. To submit your amazing video, simply visit this page and provide the links. You can create and submit multiple TikTok videos. 

Remember, the more views your videos receive, the greater rewards you will get!

Rewards are available when a video reaches the specified view count requirement:

Reach 10k - 100k views to get $200.
Reach 100k - 500k views to get $500.
Reach 500k+ views to get $1000.

The cash reward will be paid out through bank transfer, Payoneer or Paypal.

1. To ensure fairness and originality, we strictly prohibit stealing and plagiarism in the submission videos. Each video must be an original work and can only be submitted once by the same person. Please note that any violations will result in immediate disqualification from the event.

Any contestants found to be suspected of taking unfair advantage or engaging in abusive behavior will be immediately disqualified from the contest. Abusive behavior includes using improper means to artificially increase the number of views, such as utilizing tools or methods to promote videos.

The eligibility for rewards in this event will be determined solely by the SUPERDANNY team.

Your submission will be disqualified if it contains illegal or inappropriate content.

Your submission may be disqualified if the link is wrong or invalid, or if your contact information is wrong.

If there are any disputes regarding your submission, such disputes have nothing to do with the SUPERDANNY team. The creator of the content shall bear the responsibility for all potential impacts in the future.

The SUPERDANNY Operation Team reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.

By participating in this event and submitting information, participants agree to the collection and disclosure of their personal information for the purpose of administering and distributing rewards. 

All the copyrights related to the videos are authorized automatically to SUPERDANNY when the rewards are paid. And the participant is obliged to provide the original video footage.