Hey, Aracky Fans!

Congratulations! The February bonus reward contest winner is @ Rebecca Day, to get a $100 Amazon gift card ! Please contact us.

 The third contest will start in March. Stay tuned!   



1.Share which part you love the most of our products in your Amazon review from your past order 

2.Write a post on your Facebook or Instagram or Twitter with your review screenshot, and then tag @Aracky 

3.MESSAGE us your order number 

4.The one who gets most likes can get $100 bonus (likes should over 10.) 

5.The product being reviewed was purchased at full price 

6.Each customer can only be rewarded once 

Make sure your post is visible, has the hashtag, and is on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. 

 The February bonus reward contest is valid until February 15.We will pick 1 winner on Feb 16th!The bonus will be paid within 5 days.


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