Video Guide: How to Assemble PACEARTH Saucer Swing

Tree saucer swings are super cool and the most attractive facilities for children or some of the teenagers in a playground. You may want to have one in your backyard as you know that the best way to get kids outside and away from cell phones and video games is to give them something fun to do in the yard on weekends or long summer days.

Pacearth Tree saucer swingsVIDEO GUIDE:

Before you hang the saucer swing on the tree or swing set, you need to make sure that the swing is assembled properly and correctly. And the ground beneath should be fairly level and covered with grass.
First, check all the necessary parts are included in the package in good condition.
Normally, the parcel will include one swing fabric, 2 swing ropes with 4 eye bolts, 1 wrench, 4 foam padded iron tubes, 2 carabiners as well as 2 hanging straps with 2 triangle rings.

Swing Assemble
Step 1:
Insert the male side into a sleeve of the saucer swing, and repeat this with the other three frame tubes, and then slide them all together.

Step 2:
Put the eye bolts through the gaps of the hook-and-loop straps one by one, then remove the nuts and washers from the bolts simply by hand.
Step 3:
Insert the eye-bolts through the holes of the iron tubes. If needed, slightly adjust the positions of the tubes to make their holes line up for the eye bolts. 
Step 4:
Now, secure and tighten the frame tubes together with the eye bolts by using the wrench, and close the hook-and-loop fasteners.
Swing Straps Hanging

  1. Find a strong and sturdy tree limb with a diameter of at least 4 inches. (Depend on the length of the straps)
  2. Hang the straps over the beam or tree limb and loop around the beam more than three or four times to make sure it is wide and durable enough to withstand the friction of moving. 
  3. And put the triangle ring through the opening on the other end of this strap and tighten the loop. The two straps should be spaced as wide as or wider than 40 inches.
  4. Connect the triangle rings and the round rings of the ropes with carabiners. Make sure all the carabiners are tightened.
  5. Adjust the ropes length if the tree limb is not horizontal to the ground.
Now, you and your families can enjoy the trip with the swing! But bear in mind one thing: check all the accessories regularly for safety.
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