Simple Habits to Keep A Clean House

I guess nobody will say no to a clean and organized house

Do you feel like your house is always messy? No matter how often or hard you clean the room and organize your stuff, it takes only two or three days for your dear house back into disorder. You will find that you can’t even give your items a suitable home.

You spend tons of time in organizing, but, sadly things did not stay as they should, or as you expected. Still, you are overwhelmed by the mess!

Well, before you put the clothes you brought ten years ago into the white organizer with huge capacity, what you really need to do is decluttering.

As <Minimalist Living> indicated: Living with Less, An Unexpected Key to Happiness; Declutter Your Home, Schedule & Digital Life for Simple Living (and Discover Why Less is More), a life without a tons of useless clutter is simple and cozy, no more digging around for your lucky T-shirt and socks.

The old-fashioned clothes and at the bottom of your closet drawer, the out-dated phones and decors at your collection drawers are the things you are hoping you will use them again, but the truth is, and it always, you won’t use anymore.

Now, it is the right time to remove your ownership on them by donating them to the charity association, collection store, or describe the items yourself if you can sell them at a reasonable price on the Facebook marketplace or other used goods platform (list all standard details as possible so you can sell them out easily). Or find a new home for them (which, yup, includes the trash can or recycle bin in a few instances).

Less mess, less stress, less time wasted in finding something in a mess, you can also find your keys, earrings, gas bills easily in your organizers.

Here, to make things don’t just “disappear” anymore, are few household items to keep your life simple but beautiful.


Socks&Underwear Organizer

Keep this kind of organizers in your drawers or closets, seriously, they can make you will feel a little bit better about life every time you pull open the drawer from now on.

Clothing Storage Bag 

You won’t need to buy another closet for your coats and jackets in Summer since you have done your decluttering job. The cost-effective way is to get a large capacity bag to divide and define the space in small rooms.

Over-the-door Hanging Organizer

The over door organizers are the perfect choice for those who have limited space for storage as what you need is just a door with a gap, or command hooks.

Bathroom & Living Room

Laundry Basket

To have a designated place for your dirty clothes and shoes, you can stop the messes before they happen.

Bathroom Decor Box 

Besides storing your little tiny things, the wooden box can also keep your toilet paper from getting wet.

We all only live once and too many things distract us from it. It is becoming more and more important to concentrate on the essentials!

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