Light Up Your Easter with These Shining Decorations

Easter is just around the corner. When it comes to Easter decor, what pops up in your mind must be Easter eggs, bunnies, wreaths, etc. If you have had enough of these typical decorations, why not add some shining features this year? Here are some decorating ideas for your light-up plan.

1.Easter Egg Lights Strips

Easter and dyed eggs - you can't have one without the other. To light up the Easter, you have to light up the eggs first. Being transformed into light strips, this classic item comes back to the center of the decorating stage with a more joyful look. Hanging above the decor display at your Easter party or pairing them with other decors will be great ideas to maximize the festive atmosphere.

2.Birch Tree Light

Bendable branches decorated with anything you like - eggs, bunnies, cards, will be a standout Easter-themed touch to your decor. Just turn on the switch to have a starry effect or an arresting centerpiece on your dining table. Not just Easter, this item can also be an impressive role in every festival, party ahead.

3.Twig 3.Branch Garland

More than gorgeous are these inviting lights. Not only do they come with a starry effect, but they also heighten the overall look over your tablescape. Place them across your dinner table for a standout display or make a unique glittering wreath. It is always the most eye-catching item no matter how you set it.


4.Pastel String Lights

A must for a party. These Pastel String Lights can always play a part in this cheerful moment. When you find there are not enough colors in your house for the celebration, they are an ideal solution. Turn them on at night, set your table with food and drinks, a party is ready!

5.Easter wreath with lights

Only when trying can you find that a wreath and lighting can mix well. Hang it at the front door to greet your guests day and night. Intertwining light strips work perfectly at night as your family and guests can easily find your house far away. Of course, bringing them indoors is another good idea. Your room doors and blank walls will find a wonderful partner.

6.Bunny Lamp

Little shiny bunnies are a must for every year's hunt–especially if you've got kids. Scatter some on a bedside table, cabinet, display shelf... These adorable bunny lights will delight both kids and adults alike.

7.Pastel Candleholders

Candles are ready, but too plain? Get some leftover dyed eggs and lovely flat candles, then you're ready to take on this fun. Including these candle eggs on your Easter table or atop your mantel is a fresh take to your Easter decor. Sprinkle these lovely candles throughout your home and don’t forget those dark, lonely corners.

If you have seen one or two of them before, that is quite normal as they are just what everybody needs in this joyful day. As one says “there is light there is hope.” In the middle of this hard time during the COVID-19 pandemic, wish everyone a bright, hopeful Easter!


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