Knowing Solar Light's Working Modes is Important

As a company that places customer’s using experience on top of its product design, JACKLED, one of ARACKY's proud sub-brands, has dedicated to providing all our customers with excellent and economic using experience. Therefore, most of its solar lights are featured with a set of smart motion-sensitive and energy-saving working modes. Some of the lights featuring these working modes also come with a remote control. If you find the product you just received cannot work properly after charging, here you may have the solution.


Most of JACKYLED’s solar lights, especially those outdoor wall lights, are featured with several different working modes. One of these modes is featured as off to bright or dim to bright. If you set your light into these modes with the remote control or with the specific button on the light, you would notice that the light does not light up at all despite in the daytime or at night. You might be confused and want to return this to Amazon or find the customer service to ask for a replacement or a refund. But please don’t worry, as we have mentioned that this light is featured with different working modes. If you sway your hand in front of the light or just walk by it at night, you will notice that this light will light up by itself. In this circumstance, this light is working normally in its motion-sensitive mode, in which it will only stay off, sometimes dim, throughout day and night to save energy for your house until a motion is sensed. Imagine, when you are driving back or walking your dog to your house at night when everything is in darkness, the light automatically lights up to guide you the way home and turn off when you don’t need it anymore to save electricity and money for you, how smart it is as it is serving you as a 7/24 doorkeeper.
However, if you just need the light to be lit 24 hours, the working mode of constant bright is exactly what you need. When your light is working in this mode, it will constantly stay lit as a normal lamp until it is out of battery and need to absorb more sunlight in the daytime. But when it comes to a stormy or cloudy day when there is little sunlight even in the daytime, the light, after dedicating all its energy to lighting up the place where you want it to be, will have to temporarily shut itself down owing to charging failure. In this circumstance, this mode is not energy-saving and you may only use it when you need it. What’s more, if you just need it to light up at night but not in the daytime, there is another working mode in which the light will stay in full brightness at night or in the dusk and stay off during the daytime. Again, how smart it is!

That said, if you are not familiar with these working modes, certainly you may be upset about the product you purchased just fails to meet your expectation. Therefore, before using this light, read the manual carefully especially about the working modes it features, and the way to switch the modes, you will not only find your expectation met but also with some surprising sense of comfort owing to the benefit brought by technology.

Last but not least important, to make these amazing lights work properly, knowing how to switch to the working mode you desire is not enough. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the light is fully charged after being received. Sometimes you may find your light fails to work or stop working after a short period, even you have already placed the solar panel under sunlight in the daytime for 8 hours. In this circumstance, just don’t worry as this is one of the normal situations expected. The reason for this is just about the charging efficiency. Since these lights are stored in a warehouse for a period after being manufactured. The battery of the light will get over-discharged, so when this battery is just placed under the sunlight after a long time of sleeping, it takes more than 8 hours to be fully activated. And this issue can just be solved if you charge it for 2-3 days more.

A warm reminder: keeping the solar panel clean is also important as dust or mud will cover the panel and block it from sunlight, and long-time charging dificiency will shorten the serving time of the battery.
As customer satisfaction has always been the top priority of our company, if you have any problem related to the product, please feel free to contact us for support at any time. We not only back our products with warranty but also back you with our heart and effort!

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