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REVIEW – As the number of devices that need to be charged and then recharged grows, so does the number of power strips I have lying around my house. Most of these power strips are just that: strips. The JACKYLED vertical power stip mixes things up by changing the form factor from a strip to a tower.

What is it?

The JACKYLED vertical power tower is a rectangular power strip. It has a total of 10 outlets with three on the left and right side and on the back of the unit. It has a single outlet on the front with four USB charging ports along with a non-detachable 6.5-foot power cable. The outlets are spaced far apart such that most non-standard sized plugs can be used next to each other without being blocked.

What’s in the box?

  • JACKYLED Vertical Tower Power Strip
  • A tiny sheet of instructions

Hardware specs

  • 5.6 inches deep by 3.7 inches wide by 8.7inches tall
  • 10 outlets
  • 4,  3.0A USB ports
  • 1080J of overload protection
  • 6.56 foot 14 gauge non-detachable power cable
  • Case made of fire retardant PVC material

Design and features

The JACKYLED power strip is more at home on your desk then on the floor behind it. It’s rectangular shape houses 10 outlets that I’ve not been able to block no matter how oddly shaped the power adapter I’ve plugged into it. The top of the unit has two power buttons. These allow you to turn off power to either of the side outlets. The is a useful feature when you want to leave items plugged in but don’t want to trickle charge things such as monitors and printers.

There are three outlets on the left that are mirrored on the right side. The back has three more. The front only has one outlet and four USB charging ports. The power cord is nicely built and has strain relief both at the box and the plug. The plug itself is somewhat ordinary and inserts straight into the wall. I’d prefer one that comes out of the wall at 45 degrees or drops down, but this one gets the job done.

I set the JACKYLED up behind my monitor on my desk. I transferred everything I’d plugged into two strips on the floor to it. While it started to look a little octopus-like, with cords jutting out from all sides, it allowed me to get rid of two strips and clean up the floor around my desk. Additionally, the fact that it was on my desk allowed me to unplug things without having to lie down on the floor.

What I like

  • A form factor that allows all outlet to be used without blocking adjacent outlets
  • On/Off switches for alternate side outlets
  • 10 outlets mean you can plug in a whole bunch of stuff.

What needs to be improved

  • It’s rather light, so when you have a lot of things plugged in, it tends to shift around a bit.

Final thoughts

the JACKYLED Tower Power Strip is a great unit with loads of outlets and tons of space to use them. The addition of 4 USB charging ports on the front and the ability to turn on and off power to the outlets only increases its value. The only negative thing I can offer is that it is a bit light and can be pulled around a bit if you plug in devices with a bit of heft behind them.

Price: $38.99

Where to buyAmazon or ARACKY

Erik Faust

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