How to Take Good Selfies

Everyone loves selfies, but not everyone knows how to take good selfies. Here are several tips for taking good selfies and perfecting images.

※ Keep your eyes on the camera.
One problem that everyone often overlooks is that when they take selfies with mobile phones, their eyes are always looking at themselves on the screen of the mobile phone instead of looking at the camera. The photos don’t look natural in this way, so please pay attention to this.

※ Selfie Angle
If you want to take a photo with a smaller face, the phone should be held up a little higher or farther away. In this way, your face will look small and beautiful in the photo.

Before taking a selfie, check the background and make sure that there is no background that affects the beauty of the photo before taking a selfie.

The right light also plays a major role on the way to the perfect selfie. Natural daylight is best. Your selfie will be most beautiful with daylight because too much light from above promotes unwanted dark circles – too little light and the whole selfie is too dark.

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