How to Make a Perfect Gaming/Home Theater Set Up?

Have you ever dreamed about having a perfect entertaining zone at home where you can watch Netflix or streaming, and switch to gaming mode to play with your Play Station 5 or X-box Series X and even do some gyms by following the moves of the coach in the TV? Especially now the pandemic is still out changing the way our life used to be, we have to be confined at home most of the time not to get affected, where else is more safe and desperately needs some update for better entertainment?

For this, you need to have all kinds of gear including gaming console like Play Station 5, /X-Box Series X/Nintendo Switch OLED, a TV with large display, one or more big monitors for PC gaming, a nice set of sound bar, an Apple Home Pod/Amazon Alexia, controller charger, charging station for phone, Pad and smart watch, and several other ordinary items like lamp and clock etc. In addition, your living room or entertainment room must be spacious enough for you to put all the things in and still have extra space for you to jump or do some simple practice when you are playing Nintendo’s Ring Adventure to keep fit.

But there is another thing you need to fix, that is how to switch among all these entertainments with no hassle. The TV or the display, the gaming consoles (more than one sometimes) has not only power cord but also HDMI cord for data transmitting. The more gears you have the more you cords and plugs you will have to deal with, which might end up a big cable clutter there for you to puzzle how to hide away. Every time you face this bunch of cords and plugs, the helpless desire of getting everything arranged will bombard your head for standing there with nothing you can do, and they are just sitting there crying for more because the demand for juice are way over the supply of your outlets. Not to mentioned that if you are a YouTube poster of gaming videos, you will need to consider how to add in the extra streaming stuff like ring light and camera.

To deal with all this mess, you need a solution which you can just set everything up once ever and never have to repeat this process unless you are moving out. It must have enough outlets to accommodate all the plugs or adapters, and more importantly, independent switches with which you can manage the power for all your stuff with just one press so that you can just plug everything in and let them standby and switch among them without having to plug and unplug the coordinated cords. Let me introduce to you, this SUPERDANNY USB Surge Protector Power Strip with Individual Switches, Mountable 6.5ft Extension Cord Multiple Protection 6 Outlet 4 USB Port.

With this, you can simply plug all the cords in it and either place it on the table or mount it up on the wall or under the desk to make it invisible, and the clutter, out of sight, out of mind. There are 6 outlets in total and each outlet has an independent switch. So you can plug in 6 different devices together. The power indicator inside switch lights up when the switch is pressed on. Then when you want to watch Netflix, turn on the switch where the plug of your TV plugged in, and when you want to play some exciting games, switch on the power supply of your gaming consoles like Play Station 5 or PC while keep others shut down with their according switches off, no need to worry about waste of energy because with the independent coordinated switch off, they cannot get any juice from your power board, so no more extra electricity bill.

Another thing this power strip with individual switches can do for you is to protect your devices from surge damage, especially when there is a sudden power off or lighting. Not only because it has 900 surge protection joules standing by to absorb the sudden surge, but thanks to its separate power control. When extra current pass through the power board, even it can not be absorbed by the surge protection joules, devices connected with switch off will never be damaged as the power is cut off. Roma is not built by one day, but your entertaining room could be destroyed in one sec for having nothing to protect your expensive devices. So this power strip with individual switches serve not only an efficient power management solution, but a shield for all your devices. You can place 2 or more to maximize the wall outlets in your room and put every device you cherish under their protection. There are also USB ports for charging your phone, Pad, smart watch and LED lamps conveniently by plugging the USB cord in without the need for extra plug or adapter.

In one word, building a perfect gaming/home theater is a dream of all boys, grown up or not. To complete this entertaining zone, what you need is not only the gaming and media gears, but a power solution to keep them managed and protected. This power strip with individual switch is the last and must have brick for your perfect entertaining zone.

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