How to Choose Ceiling Fans with Lights
Ceiling fans with lights are a beloved feature of many homes, as they not only provide an affordable way to save spaces but also make your life more comfortable. However, choosing a ceiling fan is always a nerve-racking problem. Here are some suggestions for making a proper decision.

First, you should think about the height. If you’re planning to install the fans in a room with low-ceiling, a flush-mount model would be your best choice. For average-height ceilings, a regular ceiling should meet your expectation. For higher ceilings, choose the one with an extension rod that can lower the fan to an optimal position within the room.
The second thing that comes to your mind should be practicality. A high-quality motor is a must to keep the fans rotating quietly and smoothly. Generally, the quietness standard of ceiling fans is 35 decibels, which will not disrupt work and sleep.
Last but not least, lighting would also be considered. LED bulbs are preferred for these fixtures since they surpass incandescent and halogen bulbs in longevity and energy efficiency. Brightness levels also vary across lighting options. The best ceiling fans with lights will have at least 800 lumens to illuminate an entire room.
Besides, it’s recommended to get ceiling fans with lights from a reliable brand, which would save you much time and effort.

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