College Move-In Day: Outfit Your College Dorm

If you’re a freshman heading off to your college to start a new life this fall, or if you are the parents of an incoming freshman, you probably need to do a checklist full of dorm room necessities before packing your stuff for a dorm life.


you will be expected to manage a budget, do your own laundry and learn how to live in a whole new environment without a lot of structure.

 1.Over the Door Hanging Organizer



A typical dorm room is about 180-square-feet, and you don’t have too much space to store your shoes or other daily consumables like toilet paper and laundry detergent.

 2.Hat and Coat Rack


You won’t want your clothes and hats to sleep on the floor and chairs instead of the closet for half of their lives. Adding a coat rack to a corner of your dorm room for “between wears” clothing stop messes before they happen.

3.Laundry Baskets



A collapsible laundry basket is a magic tool for your dirty clothes, socks, and shoes at the dorm for the average college student will only do laundry once a week.

 4.Clothing Storage Bags/Closet Organizer


Closets are obviously smaller than yours at home, hence, you will need to choose the right storage units to store your winter clothing and extra bedding in your designated corner. There are multiple styles of bags for option, however, you will need to choose those with the extra protection of avoiding moisture and pests from ruining your clothes. 

5.Mattress Topper& Bed Sheet

Although the dorm bed is not as horrible as rock-hard, you will still need to use a mattress topper to make your bed a comfortable place to relax from schoolwork. Before you place an order, you should know the exact size of your dorm mattress by checking information on your university’s student housing website.

Meanwhile, a high-quality and soft bad sheet is also a must-have to ensure your sweet dreams at night in your new dorm.



6.Surge Protector Power Strip/Tower


Trust me, a power strip with an over-current protector is another must-have in dorms for you may have to charge your electronics at the same time. This kind of protector will shut the power off automatically if there is too much current being drawn.

But, check your dorm restrictions and regulations before you bring the power strip as extension cords are banned in many dorms.

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