A Better USB Charging Solution for Traveling

When we are planning for a light travel, basic electronic like phones, tablets and cameras are not going to be removed from the packing list any way, but their chargers of various sizes and weight are annoying. Would there be a better solution for them to be all charged from only one device?

This SUPERDANNY Charging Station is compatible with worldwide voltage range 100-240V. It has 8 USB ports that deliver up to 5V/2.4A each port, 12A/60W in total. With all your electronics plugged in, it even has spare ports for you to share with someone else. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and make new friends?

With a digital screen to display the real-time charging voltage and current sequentially, you can easily get a clear glimpse of each device’s charging status. When all devices are fully charged, this USB hub will shut itself down to prevent overcharging and prolong battery life. Or you can press the timer button to shut it down in 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours.

Last but not least, portability. Including a detachable 5ft cord, this travel USB charger weighs 0.7lb, and takes up your luggage space as small as an apple. Compared with the many chargers it is to replace, this SUPERDANNY USB Charger will be the perfect option to take on travel for your electronics.

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