2020 Mother’s Day Special Gifts List
Mother's Day is just around the corner, shopping offline is hard these days,choosing Mother’s day gift online would be a safer idea.

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We voted a Special gifts list in our product. Spend 2 minutes to browse us to get gift ideas if you are tired of Mother’s day jewelry or flowers.

1. Sunrise Alarm Clock - Wake up in a good mood.

Have you ever noticed that your mom wakes up in the early morning and starts to make breakfast for the whole family? This sunrise alarm clock will wake her up with light color changing and natural sounds alarm. Starting with a refreshing morning, your mom can make all effort to do something she enjoys.

2.Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion - Relieve Back Pain &Home Workout

Sometimes momma will get back pain after staying in the same position for a long time. With inflated stability wobble cushion, the pressure from the back and spine can be relieved. Place the sensory cushion seat between your mother and the chair for lower back and lumbar support, or sit on top of the chair cushion for posture enhancement and flexible seating.

3.Wall Outlet Extender with Phone Holders - for mothers who love to cook

It is very awkward and inconvenient that mothers have to look onto the recipe while her phone is charging. This wall outlet extender with phone holders is a perfect one to deal with this problem. A thoughtful gift for your Master chef mama!

4. Mountable Surge Protector Power Strip - for mothers who love to cook

What will mothers do when ovens, kettles, microwaves, coffee makers, washing machines all need power at the same time but there is only one socket? I’m afraid they will get a bit mad at this situation. Mountable Surge Protector Power Strip can realize this easily. Besides, mounting the power strip onto the wall is more convenient for mothers to know what machine is working.

5. Gel Nail Polish - For fashion mommas

Stay at home with our family is the correct way in these days, applying gel nail for momma would be a warm and funny present. Besides, The gel nail polish is durable and sturdy, but it needs to be curing with a nail lamp.

6.Facial Cleansing Brush - Beauty Salon at Home

Sonic face cleansing brush can help your mother do the skincare at home, enjoy the most comfortable Home Beauty Salon. It can deep cleanse, brighten skin tone, diminishes blemishes and blackheads, skin exfoliating, face massage, unclog pores, promoting absorption and so on.

7.Round Night Light Outlet Extender - A Soft Night Light

With the Dusk-to-Dawn sensor, it can detect the ambient light automatically, turns on at dusk and off at dawn. When your mother wakes up at night, she can have a warm feeling and light up her way to the bathroom. Besides, lower consumption can save energy and electric bills.

8. Rechargeable LED Makeup Mirror - For fashion mommas.

This 7" round makeup mirror has 3 different lighting mode options, the light of makeup mirror can be changed in cool white, warm and natural white to satisfy the lighting needs. Touch and hold the button to adjust brightness from 100% to 10% to get proper light. With this makeup mirror, momma can keep a perfect and exquisite makeup look at the office or daily life. A nice makeup look can make your mother feel confident and delightful a whole day.


We have voted eight special gifts for mommas, are there any ideas inspired you? If there are any more gift ideas, we'd appreciate it that you can share with us.


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