Are you a blogger? Do you have your own website, blog, youtube or instagram channel where you swatch and review products? If so, Aracky is glad to collaborate with you! Aracky will send you free products to test once you are qualified. All Aracky asks is that you make an honest video or picture review with a link back to our site and allow Aracky to repost the pictures and videos that you have published on your channels. It may take some time for us to sort through all of the requests but know that we welcome all applicants both big and small! You do not need to have a huge following but we will be looking for sites with activity such as posts, followers and comments etc. If you are not selected in a couple of days, don’t get discouraged because we will choose someone the next month and every month after. Just fill out the form below with the information you have and we will enter you into our list of potential bloggers. Again we REALLY appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you everyone!!