About US

In ARACKY, we work customer-centrically. We start from customer needs, improve from customer feedback, and thrive on customer satisfaction. Customer obsession is our DNA, which defines how our leaders and co-workers think and act on customers’ behalf and choose our business partners that are willing to do so.

 ARACKY is home to its 4 sub-brands: JACKYLED, SUPERDANNY, ULG, and PACEARTH, focusing on the categories of lighting, power distribution, home improvement, and outdoor & fitness respectively.


Our Mission

To consistently increase the living quality of our customers and employees.


Our Vision

Every family in the world owns an ARACKY product.


Our Values

Integrity, trust, communication, efficiency, thinking, sharing, courage, and change.


Here is ARACKY’s LOGO, elaborately designed and registered to represent our brand and company.

The LOGO is a combination of the letter ‘A’ and ‘K’, it has strong identification and leaves a young, fashionable, and vibrant impression.

The LOGO resembles the ‘OK’ gesture that represents the helpful and customer-friendly spirits we share.

The 3 ice cream shaped color bars on top represents our three domains of business: electronics, home improvement, and sports. They also look like the pileum of a bird, which implies our ambition to make it a champion brand.